Notice of Annual General Meeting



Global Market Group Limited

 Notice of Annual General Meeting


Global Market Group Limited (AIM: GMC) (the “Company”), a leading manufacturer-to-business ("M2B") e-commerce service provider, announces that its annual general meeting (“AGM”) will be held at 2.00 p.m. (Hong Kong time) on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 at Global Market Group Limited, No. 28, Yunshan Road North, West door, Baiyun Mountain, No. 1128 Baiyun Avenue South, Guangzhou, the People’s Republic of China. A circular containing further details of the AGM, the notice of AGM, the form of instruction and proxy form have been posted to shareholders today. These documents are also available at the Company’s website

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David Ling/ Cheandy Hu/ Mophy Fan 


Global Market Group Limited: +86 (20) 8600 2299


1. Proxy Form.pdf

2. Notice of AGM Circular.pdf

3. Form of instruction.pdf

4. Announcement of Annual General Meeting.pdf

5. 2015 Audit Report.pdf